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Kinds of Modern Trampolines

Thanks to the numerous adjustments and modifications to the trampoline since the time it was introduced to the market, people now have a wide variety to choose from. Trampolines can be used for a lot of things, but they mainly fall into two categories namely fitness and recreation.

Round-Shaped Trampolines

Among all the types of trampolines available in the market, the round trampoline would be the most famous; it’s so popular that they are the kind of trampoline that you’ll see in a typical backyard. A standard round trampoline Is surrounded by a safety net and features a minimum width of twelve feet to a maximum of sixteen feet in diameter and are best for recreational use of children.

Rectangular-Shaped Trampolines

If you have noticed a gradual but steady increase on the popularity of rectangular trampolines, then there are two main reasons to thank for that. The first reason is the shape itself, since it’s rectangular it’s a better fit in the backyard especially when considering the usual fencing and space in a home. The second reason is that, thanks to the uneven distribution of force, this kind of trampoline offers a higher bounce. Take caution because the rectangular trampoline is actually only recommended for skilled jumpers, gymnasts or basically those who know what they’re doing.

The Inflatable Kind of Trampoline

Basically, trampolines that are water based are inflatable and are installed in spacious areas. So if you want the kind of trampoline that not only allows people to bounce on it all day but can actually launch people into water then this is the kind of trampoline you’re looking for. Water trampolines are a favorite option among summer camps as well as lakeside resorts.

The Mini Trampoline Option

Small trampolines are a favorite among fitness enthusiasts. Aside from ease of storage, mini trampolines are great for indoor and outdoor usage and people love them because they are low-impact but with high benefits.

The Biggest Benefits of Mini Trampolines that You May Not be Aware of

Trampoline jumping offers a lot of surprising benefits, hence its incredible popularity.


One of the biggest benefit that comes from a mini trampoline is the overall entertainment value. Other exercise methods can be redundant, and boring which are worlds different from routines with trampolines because of the entertainment aspect. In addition, people said that routines utilizing trampolines remind them of their childhood.

Low Impact Cardio

Cardio exercises are typically difficult on the body. Compared to the trails and roadways you’ll run on while jogging or running, trampolines are obviously softer; the jarring might develop leg or foot problems in the future.

Burning Calories

Any kind of aerobic activity, when done right, will burn calories and that includes jumping on trampolines. What makes trampoline exercises standout is the amount of fun you’ll have.

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